Who are Yappy.com? 🐶

  • Do you have a shop?

    We are currently an online-only shop. However, it's really easy to use and pretty darn fun as well - it's a shop just for you and your dog without the normal Pet Shop distractions such as cats, reptiles and other animals that are not quite as amazing as your dog 🐶💜
  • Do you sell Gift Cards?

    You can't buy Yappy.com Gift Cards yet... ...however, it is coming very very soon so watch this space. If this is something you would be interested in, please drop us a message at support@yappy.com (mailto:support@yappy.com) and we will make sure we keep you updated 😉
  • Who are Yappy.com 🤷🏻‍♂️

    We are barking mad dog people who have created a unique place that you and your dog will love💜 We have had over 10 years of experience, prior to launching Yappy.com, in creating and running one of the leading online gift retailers. If you want to know more about the pack, drop us a message, we'...
  • Yappy for Cats 🐈

    Meow 🐱! We have had quite a number of requests for a Yappy for cats and it is something we are working on. To help us, please drop an email to support@yappy.com (mailto:support@yappy.com) and tell us you are interested. If we get enough requests, we can move it up our priority list! Thank you💜